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The Noble Eightfold Path

The Noble Eightfold Path

And so we come to the Fourth Noble Truth. You can access it via the right hand menu as usual, but this one is somewhat different. Over time there will be sub-articles added regarding the steps involved in this Truth because it is much more involved than the previous three. This truth explains how to escape Samsara, the never ending cycle of birth, death and rebirth that we find ourselves in.

Certainly most people are completely unaware of this cycle, we have no memory of our previous lives. There are many ‘New Age’ practitioners out there that claim to be able to train you to access previous life memories, which is all well and good if they are the genuine article, but they do not explain how to escape the cycle of constant suffering. In this final truth, that is exactly what the Buddha does explain; and during rest of his life, all the Suttas and discourses he gave, was his attempt at enlightening mankind to the fact that we can escape this cycle. We can have freedom. We can have peace.

May all beings live in peace.
May all being attain Nibbana.