In The Buddha's Words

In The Buddha’s Words

I rarely recommend books to anyone; don’t ask me why, it just isn’t something I do, however there is one book any beginning Buddhist, I believe, should have in their formative library.

The book is ‘In the Buddha’s Words’ by the Venerable Bhikkhu Bodhi. It is an anthology of Suttas from the various Pali Nikayas that leads one from the first steps of Buddhism and Buddhist thought through to much deeper considerations regarding the nature of reality, the mind and consciousness.

It is a very well structured introduction to Buddhism as a whole and I would state that it is an invaluable resource no matter what variant of Buddhism takes your fancy.

Please look into it, borrow a copy or find the means to buy one, you will be repaid tenfold. I was.

May your study lead to peace, compassion and wisdom.