The Moon

The Moon

I believe this blog title to be roughly a title of a Zen document written years ago. I was just thinking about it now and I must admit I have never read the original treatise; however, it occurred to me that the Dhamma is much the same as someone pointing at the moon.

If you do not walk into the brightness of the Full Moon then you shall never know the brightness of the Dhamma. There are shadows and dark places where you should fear to tread, but the Moon can light your way home.

The Moon sheds it’s brightness no matter where you are in the world, and it sheds it’s brightness no matter what situation you are in. Pointing at the Moon shows the way you must travel, but you are the person who has to take that first step. If you do not walk into the light then you will forever live in the darkness of ignorance and suffering.

The Moon waxes and wanes just as our desires and emotions do, yet it still shines it’s light. Even on the darkest of days, when the Moon is new, it is still there, in the background, waiting to come forth in it’s radiance and showing the way home to who, and what, we truly are.

The Moon shows the nature of our practice, waxing and waning, progressing and slowing. When our practice seems to run dry, all we need is patience and perseverance; our practice will flourish once again; maybe in a day, maybe in a week, but progress will once again be achieved and we shall travel along our journey once again.

The Dhamma is as reliable as the Moon, and our practice will wax and wane, just as the moon does; so be patient and persevere… The way home is lit, all you need do is stay on the path that is lit before you!

May all being live without fear!