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Theravada Monks

Theravada Monks

The Vinaya Pitaka is considered to be the first ‘basket’ of the Tipitaka. It contains the codes of practice, rules, regulations and ceremonies that the Theravadin Monk or Nun must obey. Vinaya Pitaka literally means ‘basket of discipline’.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu has done a wonderful job of compiling a two-volume essay on the Vinaya Pitaka that will be of interest to anyone considering the Monk or Nun’s life. This volume will also be of interest to those researching the deeper aspects of Buddhist life and what it entails.

The Buddhist Monastic Code Vol 1 & 2 should be read by the lay person more as an educational exercise than a practice teaching. You may wish to include certain aspects into your daily life but it is not necessary to do so unless you are ordained.

May all sentient beings reside in peace.