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Theravada Monks

Theravada Monks

I have come across a thoroughly interesting eBook regarding what the life is like for a Thai Forest Monk. It is published by Wat Pa Nanachat Monastery celebrating their 25th Vassa. Wat Pa Nanachat was the first monastery in Thailand dedicated to providing Westerners the opportunity to learn the Thais Forest Tradition. The file contains articles and essays by various Bhikkhus and Ajahns on numerous subjects, and provides insight into what life is like for a Bhikkhu in North East Thailand. It also gives glimpses into to Ajahn Chah himself, and what it was like to be taught by him.

I hope you find this document interesting, as I have done. It is, as usual, for free distribution and available in the eLibrary, so please do share with anyone you may belive would benefit from its contents.

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Forest Path

May all beings live in peace.