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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Rituals, Rosicrucianism and Yoga, not forgetting Qabalah as well!

93 folks! Well I bit the bullet this morning and have finally got the last few pages up and online. Qabalah, Rituals, Rosicrucian and Yoga are all good to go with all downloads working (as far as I can tell anyway), so please have a look around. You will notice that the Author and Title […]

Sorry folks…

93 I have been distracted by other projects for the last week and have been remiss with this one. I’ll endeavour to get at least the Qabalah page up some time in the next day or so. Until then… 93 93/93

Hermetica, Misc. Documents and Mysticism

93 A quick start today, I have three new pages ready. Hermetica, Miscellaneous Documents and Mysticism. I’m going to take a break and have some breakfast. I think I’ve earned it. 93 93/93

Adeptus Minor & Grimoires

93 The Adeptus Minor documents and rituals have been given their own page as did Fr. M.D. back in his day, and the Grimoires page is up and running. As I go through the old HTML pages and convert them for WordPress I often think that the presentation could do with a bit of an […]

Gnostic and Golden Dawn Material Online

93 The Gnostic section (such as it is) is up with all of it’s one solitary document. Methinks that might be a category worthy of extending; and a portion of the Golden Dawn material is up. There is a second page dedicated to the 5=6 degree but what you have at the moment will have […]

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