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Adeptus Minor & Grimoires


The Adeptus Minor documents and rituals have been given their own page as did Fr. M.D. back in his day, and the Grimoires page is up and running.

As I go through the old HTML pages and convert them for WordPress I often think that the presentation could do with a bit of an update. The HTML makes use of copious amounts of tables, which by any of todays web standards are an archaic way of presenting a page. Unfortunately my CSS knowledge is limited to say the least so I am not sure how to approach things from that point of view. I don’t want to change the theme in any great way as this is an archive of what Frater M.D. presented to the world. Besides, this site is all about what can be downloaded rather than what the site actually looks like.

So, as things progress, which they are doing and a faster rate than I expected, I may start moving things around a little and you may spot some weird layout changes as I experiment. If things don’t work out right, then I’ll swap back to how they are.

93 93/93

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