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Rituals, Rosicrucianism and Yoga, not forgetting Qabalah as well!

93 folks!

Well I bit the bullet this morning and have finally got the last few pages up and online. Qabalah, Rituals, Rosicrucian and Yoga are all good to go with all downloads working (as far as I can tell anyway), so please have a look around.

You will notice that the Author and Title indexes are still down. Fr. MD did the best he could back in his day but I am no longer sure those pages will serve best so I am considering alternatives. Maybe I’ll look into some sort of decent document search plugin. We’ll have to wait and see.

But!! At least everything that Fr. MD had available to download is now up and running.

I’ll sign off now and have a cup of tea (and maybe a biscuit or two to celebrate)

93 93/93

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