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Copyright Notice


It is believed that all downloadable documents on this site are in the public domain and are therefore freely distributable.

If anyone believes otherwise, please e-mail Frater 66 with the details and he will remove the document as soon as he is satisfied that it is not in the public domain.

Almost every text found on this site can be freely downloaded from other sites on the Internet. Fr. 66 has made a central repository of these texts and has reformatted some of them into PDF files for greater clarity and ease of viewing/printing across various computer platforms.

Note Regarding The Golden Dawn Material

Updated 25th April 2007 to indicate a dead link and provide
a direct link to the original source materials

Listed on this site are the public domain portions of the original Golden Dawn teachings published by Israel Regardie and others. These texts are presented with permission from Fr. Alastor of The Magick Circle. A copy of the e-mail from him giving me permission to distribute these texts will be made available upon reasonable request.

The only changes I have made to Fr. Alastors original presentation have been to reformat the texts for pdf conversion and to use fonts made available by the Nu Isis Working Group to replace some of the original graphics used by Fr. Alastor. The original copyright declaration regarding the texts can be found HERE.

Note Regarding ‘The Equinox’ by Aleister Crowley

The listed versions of each of the Equinox Vol I books by Aleister Crowley have been designated as freely distributable by the issuing O.T.O. Camp in the Netherlands (Crystal Heart Camp – DEAD LINK).

The copyright is still with

Ordo Templi Orientis,
JAF Box 7666,
NY 10116

but due to the documents freely distributable status, I am grabbing the chance to finally give Mr Crowley some credit for the undoubted influence he has had on the magickal community. I would like to thank the O.T.O. for making these incredibly important documents available for distribution.

Creative Commons Attr-NC-ND 3.0 License