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Golden Dawn

The Golden Dawn
Inner Order

Grade 6=5


Grade 7=4

Ceremony of the Grade of the Adeptus Major   Ceremony of the Grade of Adeptus Exemptus

Grade 5=6

Adeptus Minor Initiation Ceremony

A page dedicated to
5=6 Instructional Documents & Rituals

More documents are waiting on conversion.
Flying Rolls &
Lecture on Shem Ha-Mephoresch, 2nd Part

The Portal

The Portal Ritual

The Golden Dawn
Outer Order

Grade 3=8


Grade 4=7

3=8 Initiation Ceremony

Knowledge Lecture IV

Lecture On Geomancy

Notes on the Tarot

Soul Purification

Poligrams & Polygons

The Garden of Eden Before the Fall - No Images

The Garden of Eden After the Fall - No Images
  4=7 Initiation Ceremony

Knowledge Lecture V

The Shem Ha-Mephoresch Part 1

The Qlippoth

The Tattwas Of The Eastern School

Grade 2=9


Grade 1=10

2=9 Initiation Ceremony

Knowledge Lecture III
  1=10 Initiation Ceremony

Knowledge Lecture II

Grade 0=0

0=0 Initiation Ceremony

Knowledge Lecture I

The Lecture on the Pillars

Misc Documents

Phoenix Wand Consecration Ritual

More waiting on conversion
Equinox Ceremony
Table Of The Titles Of The Grades
The Golden Dawn Rollcall

Readers are reminded that these are the public domain documents of the Golden Dawn. Variations will be found across the net. The rituals detailed above may not be complete as practised by the original G.D. Orders.


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