Sutta Pitaka

Tipitaka Scripture

Tipitaka Scripture

The Sutta Pitaka is one section of the Pali Buddhist cannon called the Tipitaka, or Three Baskets. The Tipitaka consists of three divisions:

The Vinaya Pitaka: Commentaries and regulations mainly dealing with monastic life

The Sutta Pitaka: Discourses by the Buddha to various audiences about how to live in a peaceful manner, how to meditate, how to discern truth, the nature of reality etc.

The Abidhamma Pitaka: is a detailed scholastic reworking of material appearing in the Suttas containing summaries of the Suttas and lists.

This website will be primarily concerned with the Sutta Pitaka because that particular ‘basket’ is the one that is most pertinent to the likes of you and me, the every day person in the street who just wishes for a bit more tranquility between car horns and arguments.