Samyutta Nikaya

The Samyutta Nikaya can be translated as The Connected Discourses. Each of the five vaggas, or sections, is divided into a number of samyuttas, or chapters, which then contain a selection of suttas on related subjects.

An excellent translation of the entire Samyutta Nikaya is available from both Wisdom Publications and Amazon.

Suttas contained within the Samyutta Nikaya that are made available on this site will be listed below in numerical order.

SN1.1: Ogha­taraṇa­sutta: Crossing the Flood

SN3.25: Pabbatopama Sutta: The Simile of the Mountain

SN22.99: Gad­du­la­baddha­sutta: The Dog on a Leash

SN56.11: Dhamma­cakkap­pa­vat­ta­na­sutta: Setting in Motion the Wheel of the Dhamma