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93 Everybody

I have been cogitating about the structure of this site and how to go about implementing it with little luck so far. The big picture I have for it seems to get larger and larger each day, which is pretty scary. So I have decided on the age-old principle of Keep It Simple, Stupid!

To start a beginners site about Buddhism, it would make sense to start out with how Buddhism started, wouldn’t it? I am now searching through the copious documents I have for the Suttas regarding the Buddha’s early life and his first announcement of the Four Noble Truths. Obviously I will provide copies of the actual Suttas that contain those words of wisdom but I also hope to find documents and articles by others which give easy explanations of those Suttas.

So please be patient a little longer. I am working on it, I promise. Maybe, someday, this site will evolve into one of the go to places for people in search of peace and enlightenment.

May all beings live in peace.