So I was remiss in my searches through my eBook archives, I do apologise, because this one is a biggy.

This text is freely available from SuttaCentral downloads section and is a must see for anyone considering ordination into the Theravada tradition. I quote directly from SuttaCentral’s own download page:

SuttaCentral is proud to offer the full text of I.B. Horner’s translation of the Pali Vinaya in six volumes. This is the first time that this classic of 20th century Buddhist scholarship has been made available in a true digital edition. We are able to do this because the Pali Text Society, holders of the copyright, kindly released the text under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 licence.

So I am also proud to offer this valuable translation of the entire Vinaya Pitaka for those who wish to learn the ways of the Bhikkhu or Bhikkhuni. If this document helps you on your path then I feel my purpose has succeeded, and my job is done.

Please freely share with the appropriate accreditation, but this ebook should never be sold for any reason, whether for profit or charity; it is a gift of Dhamma.

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The Vinaya Pitaka

May you all live in peace.