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I find myself in a conundrum. What to write, what to say, what Sutta to quote or provide for download. My illness has forced me to leave this site for too long and I do not know where to begin again. I wish to continue but I have lost the momentum. This is something I must meditate on over the coming days. Part of the problem is the medication I am on affects my memory, so all the grandiose plans I had a month or two back have disappeared completely. I am, and always have been hopeless at taking notes. I use this widget on my tablet and that widget on my laptop, but half the problem I have always had is remembering to note down the ideas I get.

I think I would like to expand on the Sutta library. When all is said and done, it is pretty sparse, so I will be delving into my books to see what gems I may be able to publish (copyright free of course). But until I have done so, this site will probably remain somewhat dormant.

I would like to highlight the aggregates and the perfections. They are both pertinent to the layman and something we can, and should, all work on. Understanding the aggregates, and practicing the perfections will lead anyone to a calmer, more loving and caring existence. Something the world desperately needs. Compassion and “loving-kindness” are in short supply. The governments of the world seem completely devoid of such noble qualities, and a ground-swell of humanity equipped with such attributes would be no bad thing at all.

As the current Dalai Lama has stated in the past, ‘Peace’ is my religion, and it should be everybody’s. Extremism of any kind, whether religious or political has no place in this 21st Century world. We should be way beyond such archaic and barbaric practices. Children suffer and die from malnutrition just because their country does not have stocks of oil to export. Families are executed because they will not follow the enforced religion in their part of the world. Nuclear bombardment is a bargaining chip between nations.

Sometimes I think humanity, or at least our leaders, have not learnt a thing over the last 2000 years. War and oppression solve nothing, all they do is create more Dukkha for those at the receiving end of their actions. Any cast, creed or race just want to be able to give shelter, warmth and food for their loved ones, yet this is denied for so many, by so few, just for the sake of greed and power. Shame on those in power, and shame on those who support their actions. At least with Kamma, they will, at some point, experience the come back of their desires and actions. As will we all.

I apologize for the somewhat political nature of this post, it is rare that I feel like venting, but they do say you need to get things off your chest once in a while. I hope normal service will be resumed in the next week or two.

May ALL beings live without fear.